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Publisher & Founding Editor

Riccardo TURRI

General Manager
Tilla Spa

Revenue & Sales Manager
La Fiorida Agriturismo Farm&Beauty

Sarah CAMILLERI, Publisher & Founding Editor, EuropeanSpa

Sarah Camilleri is the Publisher and Founding Editor of European Spa magazine - the ‘go to’ publication for leading spa and wellness professionals in the UK, Europe and worldwide. A trusted and respected international title, European Spa has established powerful and enduring partnerships with key brands and specialist suppliers looking to connect with its high-quality readership.
Published six times a year, the magazine’s unique and influential expert content is highly respected around the world, directly informing the purchasing decisions and investments of some of the most successful businesses. In every issue we are trusted to effectively communicate innovations, product launches and services, providing vital business information to an ever-increasing audience of industry professionals and investors.

Riccardo TURRI, CEO, Starpool

CEO Riccardo Turri describes his company: “Starpool represents a balance between opposites: hot and cold, tradition and innovation, imagination and rationality”. The company has been active for 43 years now at both national and international level in the design and creation of wellness centers and Spas. Starpool, now credited among the manufacturers of outstanding products made in Italy, began life in the green heart of the Trentino Dolomites at Ziano di Fiemme in the Val di Fiemme. Its one aim was to give life and form not just to wellness products but also to a genuine all-round culture of wellness, consisting of technology, innovation and design both in the professional and the private spheres. With more than 1,400 Spas realized all over the world and 200 dwellings equipped with the home lines, Starpool offers a full range of products with solutions for every wellness concept: hotels, sports halls, day Spas, private Spas, yachts, beauty parlours and homes. There are two collections, Classic and Sweet, that contain the basic elements of every Spa such as saunas, steam baths, showers and loungers, as well as all additional products and accessories. Alongside the “hardware” Starpool proposes a wide range of complementary services to support customers before, during and after the realization of the Spa, aimed at ensuring the structuring, organisation and culture of wellness. Starpool projects make use of light, materials, ergonomics and harmonious proportions to ensure maximum functionality and attractive design in Spas that through conscious use achieve the true essence of health. Starpool’s core business is the professional wellness sector in the areas of hospitality, contract and marine, to which can be added the residential/home sector (20%). The company has an average turnover of 11 million euros (50% from the domestic market and 50% from other countries). The main markets of reference are Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

Since 2006 Starpool has maintained an important partnership with Technogym (a world leader in the fitness sector) and OneonOne (a leader in the management of Wellness Areas), thus creating the leading network of operators in the wellness sector: a genuine One Wellness Provider.


Simone LIPARI, General Manager, Tilla Spa

Simone Lipari was born in Sicily, Italy and lived there up until he left for the UK to train and pursue a career in wellness and management as a young adult. Simone then started his career on cruise ships as a Fitness Director and shortly worked his way up to Spa Manager within his first year.  During his time onboard he participated on the start up and inauguration of two ships. Simone then progressed to manage the Spa and Fitness operations of seven more ships after that, sailing around the world leading multilingual talented teams of Spa and Fitness professionals. After having acquired invaluable experience onboard, Simone, decided to cultivate his management and leadership skills in the UK and Australia prior to moving to Ethiopia, where he led the start up and opening of Tilla Health Club. He is now applying his innovative and versatile leadership and analytical abilities for the development and growth of Tilla as Health Club and Spa brand. Simone also serves as executive committee of The Spa and Wellness Association of Africa, (www.swaafrica.org) and he is The Global Wellness Day Ambassador for Ethiopia. ( www.globalwellnessday.org).

Monica RUFFONI, Revenue & Sales Manager, La Fiorida Agriturismo Farm&Beauty

Monica Ruffoni was born in Valtellina, a territory in the very north of Italy, a stone’s throw from Lake Como and bordering Switzerland.
She was raised within a hotel environment and thus from a very early age lived and breathed all matters involving the nature of tourism, quickly becoming passionate about the world of hospitality.
An education seriously incorporating the study of foreign languages was therefore a natural enough choice, accompanied by a wide range of experience of working within 4-star establishments, including the highly prestigious Relais Chateaux chain, a long way from her native Valtellina.
And it was at this particularly impressive period during her blossoming career that the call of her native territory was to prove irresistible once again: it came in the shape of a tempting invitation to become an integral part of the La Fiorida project, with the responsibility of developing all aspects of tourism and overseeing the reception and accommodation with its 29 bedrooms and two quality restaurants, one of which was awarded the prestigious Michelin Star back in 2013, which it still boasts today. It’s an impressively diverse complex, created in natural stone and wood and hosts a wellness centre of fully 400 sq. m.
It’s well-established that hers is a constantly evolving market, requiring a visionary outlook and involving constant training and development which Monica happily immersed herself in, enrolling in the AlbergatorePro group and attending regular refresher courses on Revenue Management techniques at the Franco Grasso Academy, the Dr Cerè Business Academy and ultimately the Cidesco advanced training course for Spa & Beauty Consultant.
Currently La Fiorida’s Revenue & Sales Manager, Monica is generosity itself in offering the benefits of her vast professional experience and knowledge to anyone who requires it, with the clear intent of advancing the development and promotion of her native territory, within a perspective which views BenEssere as a genuine combination of factors which undoubtedly represent a vital reinforcement of the tourist experience unique to each and every individual geographical area.