EffettoVIOLA ™: a new treatment against physiological tension and stress

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EffettoVIOLA™: a new treatment against physiological tension and stress

Sabato 17 Marzo 2018 12:30 - 13:30


EffettoVIOLA™ is a new therapy to prevent physiological tension and stress thanks to an exclusive technology duplicating the individual brainwave activity, registered in a moment of relax and rest. With the collaboration of Fonoprint and Warner Chappel, this process reduces stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.




CEO & Founder
Effetto Viola 

Effetto Viola

Leopoldo CAVALLI

Warner Chappel Music Italia

Psychiatry and Psychotherapist

Italian rhytmic gym team 

Alessio CHELUCCI, CEO & Founder, Effetto Viola

Born in 1982 in Genoa, his education is divided into two main areas: art (graduated at the N.Paganini Conservatory of Genoa in organ and composition), and engineering (graduated in biomedical engineering). He has won several awards as a pianist in international competitions, and he has even written and produced soundtracks for short films and advertising (Ron Dorff).
He works at GPI SpA as a biomedical engineer at different hospitals (including the E.O. Ospedali Galliera).
Professor of the ECM training courses for Doctors and Nurses.
Responsible for the workshop "Music Leaves Its Mark" at the 2016 Science Festival, the eighth edition of the G:OOD.
He is a third dan black belt and president of the Genoa Taekwondo Centre.
Combining an intuition and his studies he has found the way to take advantage of a physiological response of the brain to out-of-phase sound stimuli, inventing a world-class and clinically tested production algorithm, the DMSPS (Dynamic Multi Spectrum Phase Shift), the mathematical model on which the project is based on.
Effetto VIOLA Srls, which he is the founder of together with his wife, Maria Luisa Mannarino, was born only in 2016, after about eight years of experimentation and improvement in the field of neurotechnology. He himself composes and produces the pieces engineered for EffettoVIOLA ™.

Maria Luisa MANNARINO, Founder, Effetto Viola

Born in Genoa, she studied classical guitar and singing. She attended the N. Paganini Conservatory and graduated in Modern Literature.
Head of several courses in music education (singing and classical guitar) at state and private institutions (B. Sale, E.Ravasco) and at the Accademia Ducale Of Genoa.
Ghost writer for the book "Il Venditore di Stelle" by record producer Rolando D'Angeli.
Speaker at the 2015 International Music Festival for the label Don't Worry Records, on the occasion of the "Seminar on discography 2.0”.
Literature professor at secondary school, head of training at the Instituto di Istruzione Superiore E.C.G.
She's a first dan black belt and the technical manager of the Genoa Taekwondo Centre.
In 2016, after years of experimentation, she founded Effetto VIOLA Srls together with her husband Alessio Chelucci. Specialised in the authorial development of the project, she is the voice, author and composer of the tracks engineered for EffettoVIOLA ™.

Leopoldo CAVALLI, CEO, Fonoprint

Leopoldo Cavalli, Leo for his friends, was born in Bologna May 15th 1974 into a family of entrepreneurs in the field of home decor and design. Together with his sister Eleonore they represent today the third generation at the helm of IPE, the famous company founded by the Cavalli family, namely Vittorio, Carlo and Pompeo in 1959 .

Cavalli started a huge process of expansion transforming IPE from an  Italian family company into a reality operating in the global market, with an increasingly important space in the luxury design segment, becoming today the second largest player in the world market . Fundamental for this step is the creation in 2005 of the brand "Visionnaire", an “home philosophy” collection which experts in the industry describe as unique, bold and revolutionary. Visionnaire had an immediate and overwhelming success in countries like Russia, China and the Middle East and has gradually made its way also into Western Europe and in the United States. Today Visionnaire has over 30 mono-brand stores worldwide and employs over 500 people in its related industries.

In 2009, Leo acquired the entire block of shares with the help of an Italian investment fund (Alto Partners) and five years later Ergon Capital Partners (GBL group), the prestigious European found of the Belgian baron Albert Freres, took over the majority, marking the permanent transition from a family company to an international and global enterprise.

Cavalli, with a visionary attitude, began to diversify his activities. In 2015 he founded the Nuage Beauty Academy brand in Bologna, a spa dedicated to aesthetics and wellness offering established professionals and the best technologies available, making it a unique project of its kind and an immediate success.

However, being music his greatest passion , in 2015 he managed to acquire the entire property of Fonoprint, an historic Bologna-based recording studio founded by the famous Italian songwriter Lucio Dalla  , providing services from 1976 to the most important Italian artists as Eros Ramazzotti, Zucchero, Vasco Rossi ,  Ennio Morricone and many others . Cavalli started to invest heavily in advanced technologies in the field of engraving, arranging, audio and video editing and mastering, and started a new label today reference  for young Italian songwirters, being a credible and  alternative platform to the TV talent shows. In 2017 he launched the BMA project - Bologna Musica d'Autore - a festival dedicated to young singer-songwriters based in Bologna, Unesco City of Music since 2006.

Roberto RAZZINI, CEO, Warner Chappel Music Italia

Roberto M. Razzini is Warner Chappell Music Italiana’s Managing Director from May 2002. Previously Roberto was serving Warner/Chappell as Direttore Editoriale (Publishing Manager) from 1996, with the responsibility to coordinate all acquisitions and exploitation activities for International and National Catalogues and Repertoires, including all creative services.

Roberto entered in Warner/Chappell in 1990, by joining the WCH sister company Nuova Carisch as Product Manager. Nuova Carisch was the Print Division which produced and distributed in Italy all music publications and lead sheets for all repertoires owned by the Group, as a lot of third parties licensors, including Majors and Independent Publishing Companies.In 1993 Roberto moved to Warner Chappell as Head of International, with the responsibility to coordinate all acquisitions and exploitation activities for International Catalogues and Repertoires, both coming from the WCH Affiliates and direct relationships with Owners.
Until his first steps in the Warner/Chappell world starting from 1990 and right after his High School Diploma in Foreign Languages, Roberto worked from 1983 in the recorded music distribution. This experience gave him the opportunity to deeply scan and analyze, from the real product market, the music business.
In the last fifteen years Warner/Chappell started important cooperations with major Italian Artists and Bands such as Luciano Ligabue, Laura Pausini, I Nomadi, Nek, Cesare Cremonini, Gigi D’Alessio, Gianluca Grignani, Paolo Conte, Irene Grandi, Dolcenera, Piero Pelù, Umberto Tozzi, Giovanni Allevi. In addition to the above, WCH started important cooperation with independent labels, signed exclusively talented Writers such as Federica Camba, Daniele Coro, Diego Calvetti, Andrea Amati, Marco Ciappelli, Emiliano Cecere acquired very important existing catalogues such as Saar/Sarabandas, Il Ponte, Essequattro, Media Songs and started a very productive operation, with a dedicated Office in Rome, in the OST business for Movies, TV Series and Audiovisual Products in general.

From 2003 to 2010 was member of S.I.A.E. Assembly (Società Italiana Autori ed Editori), the local Collecting Society.
Since March 2013, Roberto is a member of Consiglio di Sorveglianza and since May 2013, member of Commissione Musica in S.I.A.E. (Società Italiana Autori ed Editori), the local Collecting Society.
Since 2009 Roberto was Vice President for F.E.M. (Federazione Editori Musicali), the local Publisher’s Association. As of December 2013 Roberto became President for F.E.M.

Massimo SACRIPANTE, Psychiatry and Psychotherapist

He was born in Rome, he’s a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. He holds a Master’s in Strategic Brief Therapy, a Master’s in Organisational Strategic Problem Solving, he has done a training course in Clinical Hypnosis.
Outdoor trainer
Personnel management consultant at Ferrari SPA - Maranello.
University professor at the University of Genoa.
He has worked for several Regional Authorities (SERT, ASL, CRI, Centro Studi) as a teacher, and at the Genoa Military Hospital as director of the Psychological Counselling Centre.
Manager for Quality Inspections of the Armed Forces and Senior Medical Officer at the Italian Army.
Head of "ComunicazionEsperienza snc", a consultancy company with areas of intervention in A-list Companies (RAI, Ikea, ENI, Finmeccanica, Ferrari, etc.), banking (Banca di Roma, Banca Popolare di Lodi, BCC Banca Sella, Cassa Popolare of Florence, etc), health (Piedmont Red Cross, Liguria, Lombardy, Tuscany, Civil Protection, ASL and Hospitals) and institutional entities (Revenue Agency, Army, Education, etc).

Marta PAGNINI, Captain, Italian rhytmic gym team

Former Olympic medalist athlete, team captain of the Italian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team from 2012 up to 2016. Member of the Group of the Air Force Sports, with the grade of Airman-crew chief. Currently, achieving a degree in Linguistic Studies for International Relations, at the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milano.
In 2013 she was named team captain of the Italian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team and became a member of the Club and Olympic Preparation For Olympics in Rio in 2016.
Throughout her career she won more than sixty medals in international competitions, including: the Olympic Games (London 2012 Bronze, 4th place Rio 2016), World Championships (2 golds, 6 silvers), European Championships (1 silver, 2 bronze) , the World Cup (17 golds, 13 silvers, 14 bronzes).

In 2011, by the National Council of the Olympic Committee she was handed the Golden Collar of Sporting Merit, delivered in Date May 18th 2012 by the President Mario Monti.
In 2014, the former President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano rewarded her the Merit badge of Knight Italian Republic.
She participated as a guest in several radio-tv shows and events, including: Festival di Sanremo (2011), Telethon (2011), Zelig (2012), Gazzetta Sport Awards (2015), La cuoca Bendata (2016), Sport al servizio dell'umanità (2016). Then, she has been the lead of Giovanni Ranas's commercial break (2011) and Edison's advertisement (2012).