Settore Azienda: Capelli

Dettaglio Merceologico: Cosmetici professionali per acconciatori

Paese di Origine: Brasile

Sito internet dell'azienda:

Settore manifestazione: PROFESSIONAL HAIR

N° di Padiglione - N° di Stand:
35 (D16)

Bionat is a brand focused on the professional sector, salons distribution and specialty shops. Its products uses exclusive technologies in its manufacturing and its assets have been developed through 40 years of experience and expertise in domestic and international advanced cosmetics market. Bionat is a cosmetics industry, which has always sought in nature the best of its essence in active substances, essential oils and cosmetic raw materials. Its high performance, leads professionals and consumers high quality products for hair and body. Bionat had its origin in French and it is a 100% Brazilian capital, with over 40 years in domestic and international markets. The continuous research of its laboratories always in tune with the latest in research assets makes Bionat a bold company, winning customers and professionals increasingly all over the world. These researches on Brazilian biodiversity combined with search trends have provided Bionat the opportunity to bring to market innovative products and excellent performance to handle the diversity of human beauty.