Lilac cosmoprof worldwide bologna

Settore del Marchio/Brand: Cosmetics & Toiletries

Dettaglio Merceologico: Cosmetici per profumeria

Paese di Origine: Belgio

Sito internet del Brand o Marchio:

Settore manifestazione: COSMETICS & TOILETRIES

N° di Padiglione - N° di Stand:
16 (D12-E17C)

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Lilac cosmoprof worldwide bologna Lilac is a Belgian brand that is specialized in dermatological cleansers. This brand has been created by a doctor who had the idea to take a product that everyone uses on a daily basis, and transform it to an aid for dermatological treatments. Maybe we do not always remember to use a cream or maybe we do not always carry a facial mask when we go on vacation, but no one forgets to wash their face the morning and in the evening. So in Lilac laboratories we have decided to combine the latest researches in the world of dermatology with the tradition of using a soap bar and create the highest quality of dermatological cleansers that are specialized for different beauty treatments and help to resolve dermatological problems. The 14 references of our soap-free syndet bars, cover all the expectations of a consumer from his daily cleanser and also provide different innovative dermocosmetical effects.