Settore Azienda: Cosmetics & Toiletries

Dettaglio Merceologico: Cosmetici per profumeria

Paese di Origine: Bulgaria

Sito internet dell'azienda:

Settore manifestazione: GREEN & ORGANIC

N° di Padiglione - N° di Stand:
21N (S8-T7)

STS Cosmetics was established in 1990 in the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Started in 1990 with trade activity, later in 1995 as a producer of cosmetics, its dynamic development ever since has helped the division accumulate a lot of industrial expertise in various types of cosmetics and personal care products, earning itself the pole position among the personal care exporters of the country, winning good international reputation on both traditional and new markets. The company has its own brands in all cosmetic divisions – oral hygiene products, ladies' and men's cosmetics, cosmetics for children. Besides this, STS produces variety of Private Label articles.