Settore Azienda: Cosmetics & Toiletries

Dettaglio Merceologico: Cosmetici per profumeria

Paese di Origine: Francia

Sito internet dell'azienda:

Settore manifestazione: COSMETICS & TOILETRIES

N° di Padiglione - N° di Stand:
16 (C8-D3A)

Using a unique brand concept, ADOPT’ has developed a large collection of 120 eaux de parfums sold in very portable, convenient pocket-size bottles. All made in France, their lines of products also include body wash and hand creams. The Adopt' concept guideline is simple: One fragrance for every occasion at a very affordable price. With this simple mantra, ADOPT’ is shaking up the perfume industry. By using high-quality ingredients and a 30-year long expertise, ADOPT' stands as the utmost symbol of France in a fun, original and practical way.