wet n wild

wet n wild cosmoprof worldwide bologna

Settore del Marchio/Brand: Cosmetics & Toiletries

Dettaglio Merceologico: Cosmetici per profumeria

Paese di Origine: Italia

Settore manifestazione: COSMOPRIME - Premium Perfumery

N° di Padiglione - N° di Stand:
19PC (G14-H9)

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wet n wild cosmoprof worldwide bologna wet n wild® is the cruelty free, bold and trusted beauty brand for on-trend women who wants to express at the best themselves. Built by a 30 years promise to always provide quality for an incredible price. wet n wild® creates a unique beauty experience within the cosmetic industry for women, inclusive of all ages, ethnicities, skin color and economic status: it is on-trend in shades, a leader in package design, and a fast-follower in formulation.